Creating objects of desire,
objects for the heART


Karalie is a truly unique universe where spirituality and sophistication meet the unexpected to create timeless treasures that move people, convey emotions, bring back memories and heal wounds. 



Fioraissance is the combination of ‘Fiore’, which means flower in Italian and ‘Renaissance’, which means rebirth in French. It is a very personal artwork that symbolizes Rosalie’s feelings of rebirth, years after losing her father, and it represents the therapeutic journey she went on to find a way to blossom again.

The Three Pieces


la base

‘La base’ is the foundation of Fioraissance and keeps the other two pieces balanced, stable and secure. Everything you go through grows you, and this piece represents the strength collected within someone’s life to build a strong foundation that ‘plants you’ where you need to be and allows you to handle the winds of change.


L’éclosion, or the process of blossoming is a beauty on its own and symbolizes the process we have to go through to grow and flourish. Whether we are stepped on or had to face the worst of storms, we eventually will rise again and blossom. In the darkest days you might think that you have been buried, but you were perhaps planted.

Le cœur de fleur

‘Le cœur de fleur’ is the heart of the flower and brings hope as it contains the seeds that will create future births. It is the core, the essential and just like any heart, it has to be handled gently and caringly. Keep yours open and be patient because nothing in nature blooms all year.




Karalie strives to keep traditions alive as well as giving them a place in modernity by creating high-quality designs that can last for generations. We truly hope that each piece will bring hope and peacefulness into your home and that you will find something of the unexpected.

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The Story

Le tourbillon de la vie – ‘the whirl of life’ 

It all started in September 2019 when my dad passed away. My dad wasn’t sick, he had a moto accident one Friday afternoon, on his way home. He usually was off on Friday afternoon, but that day, like most Fridays, he decided to stay at work a little longer and do some accounting. He died on the 6th of September. This week is and will always be heavy for my family because my grandmother died on the 5th of September, that same exact week. There was no preparation to what happened: life hitting you in the face, just like that. 

It took me 1.5 years to get my head above water, to feel alive again. I felt grey, damaged, empty as if someone sucked the energy and the colors out of me. During this one year and a half, I read a lot about after-life and how to continue communicating with our loved ones who transitioned. It is true that time heals, you just have to go through every step of your grief, and eventually one day, you start to be able to talk about them without crying, and you realize how far you’ve come. Of course, time doesn’t take the pain away, but you to learn to live with it and to put things in perspective. I lost my dad when I was 31 years old, and it doesn’t feel great to think that he won’t be there when I get married or that he won’t be able to play with my kids. But I did have the best dad in the world for 31 years and I cherish this time spent with him and all the love I received. 

Even if time heals and even if I was doing better, I still felt like someone had taken him away from me without any possibility to say goodbye. I would have given anything to talk to him again or to take him into my arms. One of my best friends who lost her loved ones had told me about this medium in France called Bruno who has the capability to pass on messages from persons who passed away and transitioned. He is pretty well-known and has met with many people to help them communicate with people they lost. I had watched all of his Youtube videos and after months of waiting (and Covid shaking everyone’s calendar), I finally got an appointment with him in Paris. 

Every person has a different belief as to what happens after you pass away. I do believe that your soul stays present in the universe, and I also believe that your loved ones become your guardian angels. I am convinced that my dad is here, that we can talk to each other and that he is supporting me and protecting me, the exact same way he did when he was alive. 

Light a candle

That day, I had a consultation with Bruno and I had prepared all of my questions. First some other family members stepped up and I was happy to hear from them but of course, the person I was waiting for was my dad. As soon as Bruno mentioned him I started to cry. It felt as if Bruno was on the phone with him, and he was telling me what my dad was saying, but I could not pick up the phone. It was as amazing as it was frustrating. I left overwhelmed and confused and it took me couple of days to recover from this experience and digest the information I received. After several weeks, I started to call my aunts and my uncle to share some of the information I received and ask what they thought and if they understood. I am not sure that any of them share my beliefs, but everyone answered and felt pretty amazed by the questions I asked and the veracity of the information I heard from Bruno. I didn’t need this visit with Bruno to believe that my dad was there with me, but it helped me to believe that he was happy, that he was warm and that we could continue to communicate.  

It was hard as well because Bruno told me that my dad did not understand what had happened to him, and he was really sad to have left us this way. He was as confused as we were. And Bruno explained that we work in parallel with our loved ones who transitioned: when we had to deal with the funeral, paperwork, house things with my sister, he also had to ‘clean’ on the other side and put things in order. He also told me that it is of course normal to be sad, but if you keep being sad and never move on, you also don’t help them to move on on the other side. At some point, we have to ‘let go’ I guess if we want them to be happy too. 

Before I left Bruno, I asked him what the best way was to continue talking to my dad. He recommended to light a candle so that it would open the channel for us to get together and it would also protect us from the bad vibes that might want to join our conversation. He also mentioned that it would be best would be to speak out loud, no matter where I was. It was and still feels more natural for me to speak with my dad in my head, but I did start to use candles more and more. I would always take one with me to the cemetery when I visited him and I had them at home so that my dad could stop by anytime he wanted. 

I slowly gained some weight back, and I started to feel little more ‘present’ and the willpower to do things again. After this one year of half of what felt like ‘survival’, I felt like I needed a change of scenery. I changed job, I moved to a different country, I wanted to start fresh and open a new chapter. It wasn’t unusual for me because I was already living abroad for the past 10 years and I had worked within different industries, learned new languages, made new friends, etc. I have always considered myself pretty brave and determined. I was never scared to take on new adventures but this time it felt different: it felt as if I had grown superpowers. 

The job I took didn’t work and I wasn’t feeling good. I decided to leave even though I did not have anything waiting for me. Normally I would have never left a job without having another one landed, but somehow, I knew that ‘everything would be alright’. About the exact same time, 1.5 years after my dad passed away, my sister and I started to receive money from my dad every month for a year. It couldn’t be a coincidence! It was literally my dad telling me ‘don’t stay there if you are not happy, don’t worry, I got you’. 

I ended up finding another job very quickly with a perfect set-up but when thinking about this money, I just could not stand the fact that I would use it for groceries or for a loan. I quickly felt the need to use this money for something meaningful and for something that would remind me and others of my dad, like an homage. Bruno had also told me during my consultation that my dad told him that I was doing something with business but also something creative, so he could not figure out what type of job I was doing. I wasn’t surprised to hear that because I always felt like I had creativity that had to come out of me in some shape or form, but I just had not found the right way yet. I know that my dad was trying to help me and pushing me in the right direction. 

Turning darkness into light 

As this whole period was rather dark for us: my grandmother, my dad, Covid, I felt like I wanted to turn it all around. I wanted to turn all this darkness into something luminous and something hopeful. I kept communicating with my dad, using more and more candles and next thing you know, I was buying some wax and scents to do my own. I started to pay attention to different types of wax, different scents, vessels, and without really noticing I was drawing some candles design. Some people write a journal, but it turns out that my outlet was drawing and making candles, imagining how I could let the light back into my life. 

After several weeks of work on my designs, I ended up with a flower. I knew I wanted to create something that shined and blossomed, but I did not think that I would go as literal. What I knew was that I wanted something soothing, calming that would have different lives and could not be thrown away. I also knew that I wanted something composed of 3 elements, that could have a life of their own even after the wax was consumed and that could be assembled into one. Apparently, you need three elements to form the foundation of your spiritual home.

After couple of months of work on this project, I realized that it allowed me to bring colors back into my life, to celebrate my dad, and mostly, to never stop talking about him. 

But in every story, there is a twist, and mine is that when I saw Fioraissance for the first time, coming out of the furnace, it felt ‘right’. There was no need to add wax or scents to make it complete – it was perfect for me, and it was perfect for him. 

However, as I explained during these past 3 chapters, candles are still very important and meaningful to me, so I had to get back on the drawing board and create new pieces: and Karalite was born.

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The Process


It took exactly 9 months of work to give birth to Fioraissance – from the months of back and forth to finalize the design and the pieces assembly, to the hours spent at the furnace in Murano with the master glassmaker, or the endless evenings working on bringing this project to life – what was supposed to be a candle at first, is finally able to see the light.

Glass is an unpredictable and fascinating material that requires calmness and patience, just like for anything that should last forever. It allows light to shine through and has a strong healing power. It fits perfectly for ‘one of a kind’ pieces destined to a modern interior with a vintage character.

Using the ancient techniques preserved by the glassmakers in Murano, countless individual steps are required to create Karalie’s designs. Each piece is handcrafted and unique: all irregularities and inconsistencies are part of its character and elegance.

We challenged our design with a sustainable mindset by using an innovative and eco-friendly technique for the color application on the glass. Each piece is first produced colorless, and once it has dried, chosen pigments are applied on the glass so that we wouldn’t have to release pollutants in the air.


About the designer

Rosalie Riss

About the designer

Rosalie Riss

Art is not always about pretty things. It’s about who we are, what happened to us, and how our lives are affected.” Elizabeth Brown

Born in Saint-Dié des Vosges, France in 1988, Rosalie grew up in the countryside of Lorraine with her family. She was eager to travel at a very young age, and as soon as she could, she fled the nest and decided to go abroad. She moved to Finland first to complete her master’s degree. Soon after, she started to work in Helsinki and she grew in love with the Nordic countries, the authenticity she found in people and their minimalist, pure and natural sense of style. 

After 5 years spent in Helsinki, she decided that she wanted to explore some more and moved to Stockholm. She set foot in Sweden’s capital and immediately fell in love with this vibrant and international city, and particularly with the island of Södermalm where the vibe was relaxed, creative and where street art existed. She loved the effortless simplicity of style in Sweden’s capital but, in 2015, after what had happened in Paris, she felt the need to ‘go home’ and be with ‘her people’. 

Even though Stockholm is busy and active, the city has a calm stillness to it, and she felt like she was missing the spontaneity and the buzzy energy of Paris. She settled in the Marais, one neighborhood infusing the city of light with its history and gathering the vibrant mixture of all things avant-garde in a very villagey atmosphere. 

Before turning 30, she visited Milan and on top of falling in love with this cultural powerhouse, she also happened to meet the love of her life there: a couple of months later, she was transferring to Milan. She now divides her time between France, Switzerland and Italy.

Master in Sales with an extensive international experience, she decided to step into the design scene later. Beyond reason and strategy, she started to explore art as a therapeutic journey after losing her dad in 2019. From this journey is born Fioraissance, a very personal artwork that has profoundly transformed her and helped her turn all the darkness into light and brought colors back into her life. 

Her fascination for light and hope is what drives her work and is evident in the translucency and frailty of her blown glass pieces. Her love for craftmanship and Italy shifted her attention to Murano glass, proving how glass remains a living, inventive and inspiring material. She wants her art to be a choice today as well as tomorrow, and to add inspiration, hope, and light in everyday life. Her design finds its roots in a warm vintage vibe, yet with a modern twist to offer timeless pieces.  

Karalie is a love letter to the delicate and intimate relationship between Rosalie and her dad. It is about creating beauty that touches people.

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Karalite is a collection of scented candles that reflects Rosalie’s Scandinavian heritage with minimalistic shapes combined with the use of colors and scents from Grasse adding a touch of freshness and originality.